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Protect your self from Viruses, including the novel coronavirus.  GermSTOP Solutions Inc. provides reliable antimicrobial protection for your home or office.  We now offer two services - a silver nano-technology long-lasting coating for high touch surfaces, primarily for public and commercial spaces.  The treated surfaces can last up to a year, killing dangerous viruses.  We also offer a quick electrostatic treatment, killing germs and viruses on contact.  This treatment is a quick, but extremely effective way to treat a large area.  

Put your mind at ease, knowing you have an extra level of protection from contracting illnesses from contaminated surfaces.  Learn more about how we can make your work or home environment safe.

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Electrostatic Disinfection

Need disinfection quick?  Want a full clean of your office or home?  Electrostatic disinfection is a proven method to kill germs and viruses on contact through a specially charged mist.


antimicrobial coating

Antimicrobial Coating

For long-lasting germ & virus protection on high touch surfaces.  The silver nano technology in our coating kills bacteria and other nasty germs on contact, keeping you safe and healthy.


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Have questions about our disinfection process?  Want to know more about whether these methods are approved by CDC and Health Canada.  Check out our FAQs.


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Want Long-lasting Virus Protection at Work?  Ask about our Anti-microbial coating

GermSTOP Solutions has a long lasting spray for all the high touch surfaces at your office, or other public places such as schools, hospitals, community centres, malls, theatres and more.  This coating lasts up to 1 YEAR OR MORE.

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