GermSTOP Solutions provides 2 commercial disinfection services, our standard disinfection electrostatic spray, providing full coverage of your office space for up to 1 week, and a long term virus-killing coating that lasts up to a year.

Quick & Full Coverage Disinfection Service

If you need general disinfection of your office or retail space, you should consider electrostatic disinfection.  GermSTOP Solutions uses a Canadian Government approved chemicla for safe treatment of surfaces.

Whether you are looking for handles, elevator buttons, railings, counters, tables, bathrooms, or your corporate office, electrostatic disinfection is your quick, cost effective treatment.

Electrostatic Disinfection will generally last a week.  We at GermSTOP Solutions will work with you to come up with a schedule to keep your staff, customers,  and clients safe from contracting various forms of sickness from surfaces.

Long Term Disinfection

Single Application kills viruses & germs on surfaces for up to 1 year!

For commercial business, we at GermSTOP know that the health and safety of the employees and customers are critical. The last thing you want is employees getting sick or your business asked to shut down by the Health Authorities. Also of importance as a business owner, you need to show your employees you are doing what it takes to keep them safe and that you take their health seriously.

 We at GermSTOP understand the importance of a safe environment. We at GermSTOP offer our environmentally friendly Anti-Microbial coating to all your high touch surfaces such as:

  • Exterior doors (both sides), 
  • all your interior doors (both sides), 
  • stair railings, elevator buttons, 
  • inside the elevator(s), 
  • tables, 
  • lockers 
  • and many more. 

Our transparent disinfection spray does not ruin any wood finish.  It is completely pet safe. 

Every month GermSTOP will inspect the thickness of the film to make sure that you are still being protected. 

Don’t change to expensive antimicrobial metals, instead transform what you have, at a fraction of the price.

Call to find out more and book us for a free estimate.